Free Classifieds, Monthly Calendar, and iPhone Friendly

Decatur Metro continues to evolve.  It can’t be stopped!  A few updates for you…

1.  Target locals without all the Craigslist clutter!  The once pay-to-play classifieds are now FREE.  While we had a bit of momentum on the pay classifieds early on, it became obvious that most residents didn’t want to pay for classifieds (yes, yes, Craigslist, I know), and that most businesses, who might be willing to pay, wanted more than a classified.

So, if you have info to pass along to the Decatur/DeKalb community, be it an Announcement, Available Job, Lost or Found object, a Garage Sale, some Merchandise, Real Estate, Services, Tickets, Vehicles, or Items Wanted, head over to the Classifieds section and post away!

2.  I’ve added an “Events” tab to the top of the page, which will take you to a new page that hosts the “Featured Events Calendar” in a monthly calendar format. Great for making plans in advance!

3.  And finally…Take your DM addiction on the road!  If you use an iPhone, iPod Touch or anything operating Google’s Android OS, viewing DM is now easier than ever.  Seriously, it’s awesome.   (Judd, it’s not an App, but it might just be the next best thing!)

18 thoughts on “Free Classifieds, Monthly Calendar, and iPhone Friendly”

  1. I was going to ask for an iPhone friendly web format. But it seemed like too much to ask for.
    So, my prayers have been answered. Thanks for feeding my addiction.

  2. Dm – Have you thought of opening up the FFFA to sponsorship? It might be a fun way to lure advertisers.

  3. You remembered! Very cool. I’m posting this using my phone. Smart of you to wait to develop the app for the iPad.

  4. I have always used my iPhone to look at DM. I HATE this new format. It has already led to me not viewing DM as much.

  5. David, glad you found the switch to the old format! We aim to please! (and by “we” I mean the people who created the plug-in)

    Glad other folks are enjoying it!

  6. I would still like to see a mobile interface that is all-inclusive (using plugins like WordPress Mobile Edition, WordPress Mobile Pack, etc). Thanks much.

  7. Love the iPhone formatting. Have had you bookmarked on there for a year or two, but was always a bit of a PITA to use. This is much improved. Thanks!

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