Fire Damages “Our Way Cafe”; Recovery Fund Opened

This past Saturday, “Our Way Cafe” in the Avondale Estates’ Twin Oaks strip mall on E. College Avenue suffered damage from a fire caused by a clothes dryer motor.  Tweets from @stacyreno and @danayoung, sent Dave and Geoff to the scene where they documented the damage.

While initial eyewitness accounts reported minimal damage, Dave followed up yesterday with news that the “kitchen and walk-in areas were destroyed and smoke damage throughout.”

Dave also reported yesterday that a “fire recovery fund” had been opened at Decatur First Bank.  Here are the details from Rob Elrod…

We have set up a Fund for Ava Marie’s Our Way at Decatur First.

Please ask folks to make checks payable to: Our Way Cafe Recovery Fund with an ATTN: Ms. Ann Berg on the checks. The checks can be sent to the bank at 1120 Commerce Drive, Decatur, GA 30030.

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  1. Are restaurants normally covered for fire damage of this kind by their insurance? If so, are contributions needed to pay the deductible, or what? Are restaurants required to have fire
    and other types of insurance, e.g., liability insurance?

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