First Eddie & Agnes Concert: George Winston

Daren Wang just announced – via Twitter – that the first Eddie & Agnes concert at Presser Hall will be none other than pianist-superstar George Winston.

1st Eddie & Agnes show-2/23. GEORGE WINSTON plays from seasonal albums, N.O. R&B, stride piano & from LOVE WILL COME, MUSIC OF V. Guaraldi

So maybe I spoke too soon (or too generally) when I said the concerts would “all rock”, but that’s still a pretty good get and should fill up the space quite nicely!

21 thoughts on “First Eddie & Agnes Concert: George Winston”

  1. I know I posted this exact same comment about the new BBQ place (which may constitute a bona fide AA red flag), but does anyone know if these Presser Hall shows will be selling beer or other consumables?

    If not, are ticket prices alone sufficient to make for a viable, long-term model? Just wondering.

          1. That’s what I meant was mean, the fail comment. And the fact that it appears people think that Decatur is nothing but full o’ drunks! I am confusing myself. I am good at that.

            I can’t remember if Presser could accommodate some sort of refreshment area. I bet, though, at least some enterprising soul could set up soft drink and bottle water tables!

            1. @Harry: I kept cans of beer on the ledge of my room in Walters. I am sure a few enterprising freshmen might throw you a brew from the dorms

    1. Ah…good question Rain. As I understand it tickets will be available on TicketAlternative either today or tomorrow. I’ll let you know when we’ve got a link.

  2. I’ve been a fan of George Winston (who went to school in my hometown) since the early 80s. This announcement just makes me happy as a lark!

  3. In reference to the booze comments, look at it as part of the charm of the event. It is what it is, an event on a college campus. Drink a bottle of wine at home with friends, go to the Brickstore and WALK to the venue. Have dinner at Feast or Carpe, oh-so-close by and walk to a concert! We walk to concerts on the square with kids and accoutrements and this would be sans the strollers. Easy peasy, and fun! We live in such an immediate gratification society. It seems people would rather give up than make an effort for a creative solution. It would make me so sad to think that the E&A concerts might not survive simply because they’re dry events. Let’s make this work, Decaturites!

    1. Honestly, I don’t think the success of the series will hinge on whether it’s dry or “wet”, but whether artists that people actually want to see are booked on a consistent basis (nobody expects Presser = The Tabernacle). That being said, I think your idea/recommendation that folks hit Feast or Carpe Diem before the concerts is an excellent one!

      1. This venue could look to GSU’s Rialto Theater for ways to make it financially viable without alcohol or food/drink revenues. Surely the Rialto would have gone under by now were it not for the financial backing of a large university. For years, and until recently, there was nowhere to eat or drink in the vicinity of the Rialto, but they managed to survive. Presser has an advantage because there are numerous places for pre- and post-show eating drinking nearby.

        I have no idea what Eddie’s Attic brings to the table in this partnership.

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