Atlanta Demographics Through Netflix

TeeRuss points us to this fascinating interactive map on the New York Times website, showing Netflix rental patterns for 100 movies in a dozen U.S. cities.

Lucky for us, one of those metros is none other than the city where “every day is an opening day!”  Umm..yeah, Atlanta.

TeeRuss notes that Wall-E, the Tyler Perry movies, and Mad Men provide a revealing look at Atlanta.  I would add Paul Blart: Mall Cop, Milk, Religulous, and Slumdog to that list.  (I can’t link to the individual maps, so you gotta go find ’em.)

Of the movies I just mentioned, can you guess which map is shown above?

8 thoughts on “Atlanta Demographics Through Netflix”

  1. This is an interesting profile, a lot of the movies I would/have watch(ed) are either heavily or only watched in Decatur.

  2. That’s easy – Paul Blart: Mall Cop. A couple more interesting ones are Eagle Eye, and Frost/Nixon.

    I pointed out Wall-E because it was most popular in 30030. It is a kids movie, with environmental and urban planning themes, and it was the most critically acclaimed of all of the films. Ergo, it confirms that Decatur is the choice for aesthetically inclined intowners who have children.

  3. Let me don the mask of anonomous smugness while I type what some are thinking…

    That’s as definitive an OTP vs. ITP comparison as I’ve ever seen.

      1. Oh my God, that is awesome. On the flip side, apparently only white folks rented Mamma Mia and Marley & Me. And nobody OTP rented “W”….

  4. My favorite part is how the ranking for Revolutionary Road spikes heaviest in Druid Hills, a neighborhood of almost the exact same vintage and character as the setting in the movie.

    At least I hope it was that, and not the characters’ disintegrating relationship, that hit so close to home!

  5. Fascinating map. But the ten most rented weren’t much different among zip codes, though admittedly I only gave them a quick once-over. Seemed Benjamin Button and Slumdog Millionaire were at the top of almost every zip code’s list.

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