Decatur First Bank Signs Order to Raise Capital

As has already been communicated via letter to Decatur First customers, and reported by the DNO, Decatur First Bank recently signed an order with federal regulators to raise more capital and reduce bad debt as the bank crisis continues to play out across the state.

Bank president Judy Turner recently commented to the AJC

…the bank has been a conservative lender, choosing not to invest heavily in new home construction or subdivision development that got so many Georgia banks in trouble. But the economic downturn has hit its customer base hard, causing a spike in loan delinquencies.

“When people lose their job, they can’t pay their bills,” she said. “There’s just a lot of stress in the economy.”

8 thoughts on “Decatur First Bank Signs Order to Raise Capital”

  1. Judy Turner is the Treasurer for the DBF, and I’m sure that it comes as no surprise to anyone that knows her that she is a careful, conservative financial shepherd of that organization.

    I know that she brings that attention and more to DFB, and I have no doubt that the bank will raise the needed capital promptly.

    It’s no secret that Georgia is very close to tippy top on the list of failed banks. I actually see this news as an interesting comment on a more pro-active approach by the feds in the state. If they started auditing/monitoring at-risk banks more closely last year when the s##t hit the fan, then showing up at DFB makes me think they’ve weeded through a lot of the stinkers.

    1. “It’s no secret that Georgia is very close to tippy top on the list of failed banks”

      A direct result of lax state regulation, but I won’t open that can of worms, dear DW.

        1. I think we just did!!

          Honestly, I hope they don’t fail. I have been turning over transferring my accounts over there from the hell that is Bank of America. I have had the accounts for 15 years and even have the numbers memorized. But I was yearning again for a small bank- I started out with Bank South which was relatively small and watch it get repeatedly eaten. Am sad,

            1. I know! My husband wants the convenience of lots of branches. Help me beat some sense into him!

              Since this seems to be our thread, what should we talk about?

            2. I find the free ATM usage thing way offsets the need for additional branches.

              My ONLY complaint is that DFB doesn’t play nice with

  2. Slightly off topic here, but let’s hear it for the DNO!
    Great page, nice look, I hope it keeps going with some quality local news.

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