“Eat 2” To Replace “Thai Me Up”

Back in October we reported that “Thai Me Up” at 225 West Ponce de Leon Ave had a bad case of “changing sign syndrome”.

Last week, marlatiara wrote to DM with this report via Twitter…

Thai Me up has a new sign – “Coming Soon” and says “Eat” on one side “Thai” on the other (name?) and Jan 2.

Well, the agenda for tonight’s city commission meeting clears up the confusion.  Applicant Pitchit Pornsopone has filed an alcohol application for a new spot at the location called “Eat 2”.  Though the name doesn’t give away much, from previous mumblings it sounds like this will be another Thai restaurant “under new management” in our fair city.

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    1. Last I heard.. the ABC site is to be a Greek Restaurant..but that was second hand from the guy that was changing the locks back in like October.

  1. Please, please please let this be “Eats 2” Eats is the place across from Cactus Car Wash with some excellent pasta and jerk chicken dishes for a pretty modest price.

    1. As a one time Eats employee, in my opinion it is highly unlikely that Eats will open a restaurant in Decatur. They came pretty close to opening an Eats in Avondale in the late ’90s, but it didn’t work out.

  2. I believe the permanent sign is now up and it says, “Eat 2 – Thai Kitchen”, with an opening date of Jan 1 on the door.

  3. I caught a quick glimpse of the new sign yesterday, and was a bit confused (easily done). If I recall correctly it read “E @ 2”. Maybe the attempt at an off the wall name is an indication that it’s the same owners?

  4. I read the sign as saying “Eat2” (as in “Eat squared”)– I wonder what the effect of an odd or difficult-to-decipher name has on a business’ success rate? Hope this one’s good, tho– it would be nice to have a truly good, in-the-City-limits Thai alternative to Amaryn’s…

  5. I do wonder about the mindset of someone who says, “Hmmm…There was a decent Thai restaurant in this space and it failed. But if *I* run the same business in the same space, it will succeed!”

    Yes, it’s possible that a Thai restaurant could do better there (Thai Me Up’s prices — early bird specials excepted — were way too high for the clientele they were serving, and the food was pretty standard, not exceptional), but the odds are not on Mr. Pornsopone’s side. He’s off to an inauspicious start by choosing a name that most folks cannot pronounce or even spell correctly in recollection (and not because it’s in his native tongue, which might lend him some credibility). I wish him luck.

    Last we heard about the ABC space, it was going to become some kind of Greek diner. But work inside seems to have stopped months ago and the “AVAILABLE” sign is still up, leading me to believe that deal fell through (probably a good thing, as no one seemed be especially excited about a Greek diner taking that space). But I cannot confirm that.

  6. There is already a small and excellent Greek cafe/restaurant in Decatur. Have you tried it yet? It is sort of hidden away between Clairmont Avenue and the parking lot west of Georgia Power, I’m not sure of its address. Has it closed? Hope not! I will check on it again soon…

      1. Andryannis Bistro Cafe, 125 Clairemont Ave., Suite 160. The cafe does not face
        Clairemont Ave.; it is on the back side/SE corner of that big building.

          1. Delicious AND friendly. Take a look at their website, especially their daily specials. Also very good bistro coffees, etc.

  7. Just drove by this place. The sign actually says [email protected] Thai (the 2 is a superscript, like the mathematical symbol for “squared”). I have no idea how to pronounce this. Perhaps “The Thai restaurant formerly known as Thai Me Up”?

      1. Wouldn’t [email protected] be more correct? Or would that have to be pronounce Duck-at-ur? Whoever invented text messaging and/or internet chat really needs to apologize to the English language. It almost makes me want to eat a Sammich!

    1. The website holds the key to the mystery – there’s another [email protected] Thai place in Gainesville. The squared is because this is the second installment. Still confusing though.

      I swear I’m not stalking the place!

  8. Hello everyone, my name is Tom and I am one of the owners at [email protected] Our first location is in Gainesville and this is our second location. Don’t think too much of the name it’s just pronounced Eat 2 (Eat At Thai 2). Well I hope to see each and everyone of you here (especially Marla). Have a happy new year everyone!

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