The Great Decatur Business Mashup

OK, here’s a question that proves I’m not quite right in the head.

If you had the power (note that I didn’t say “big wad of money” this time) to combine any two Decatur businesses into one “mega” business, what would they be?  What would be the most successful combination?  What would be the weirdest combination?

I’m also pretty sure there’s a festival somewhere inside this idea.  It could be great fun for visitors to sample new businesses and it would give business owners an opportunity to think outside the box and sample new ideas.  And of course there would be awards at the end of the day for best mashup.

Daren, you’re the festival-maker…whatdaya think?  “The Great Decatur Mashup Fest?”  The Brick Store meets Yogurt Tap!  Cakes and Ale meets Heliotrope!  The Grange meets Boogaloos!  Saba meets Intown Auto!

Yum…car parts pasta…

22 thoughts on “The Great Decatur Business Mashup”

  1. Whit’s End and Wiggle or Hoopla……a one stop shop for a woman’s family……get Daddy something, and baby something.

  2. Decatur has many great dining facilities — Feast, Fellini’s, Leon’s, Raging Burrito, TDS, and Watershed — all housed in former gas stations/garages. (I’m probably missing one or two more.)

    Decatur has a Goodyear that has suddenly lost a substantial amount of business.

    Rather than dying on the vine, Goodyear can simply read the writing on the wall and become a true “full service” restaurant. Prix fixe dinner and oil change, anyone? Would you like a lube job with that slider? Perhaps The Giant ‘Traffic” Jam Sandwich?

    Of course, they would probably upsell the food as well. (“If you don’t order an appetizer with that you’re probably going to die.”)

  3. It would have to be Leapin’ Lizards plus Leon’s. Fun for the kiddos, fun for the parents. Do I get extra points for alliteration?

    1. Now you did it, DecaturKJ. The Dr. Seuss in me wants to get out! How about:

      Eddie’s End.
      Whit’s Wahoo Wiggles!
      Little Lenz Leon’s Lilly Loaf.
      Dancing Diem Duck’s of Decatur.
      Parker’s Paste Pastries a PushPush.
      (Bill) Floyd’s Fleet Feet Feast Festival.
      Button Brick Bistro in a Burrito Boogaloo Beer Box.
      Sweet Saba Steinbeck Sawicki’s Store del Sol of Stories.
      Cosmic Kaleidoscope’s Cakes & Carpe Cookie CrossFit Community Cajun Cafe.

  4. I would frequent fine establishments such as:

    Leon’s Noodle Tap
    Mellow Nectar-a-go-go
    Nathalie’s Sushi Relics
    Raging Melissa’s Saba Del Sol
    Thumbs Up Twain’s Universal Joint
    Little Shop of Feet & Big Peaches
    Eddie’s Wahoo! Monkey

  5. Trackside & Depot- then we could close College Avenue and have A Train Festival….details to follow 🙂

  6. Twain’s Little Shop of Mushrooms
    Sushi Pig
    Eddie’s Man Tavern
    Carpe Brasas
    Cafe Cafe
    Fifth Monkey
    Universal Dancing

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