Keyboard Cat Rocks Decatur

Decatur resident Moey, who’s Candy-Voting Machine went national last year (seriously, he was on CNN), this year took to Decatur’s streets as Youtube sensation “Keyboard Cat”.

Love it!

10 thoughts on “Keyboard Cat Rocks Decatur”

  1. This post has gone viral on and as of right now has garnered almost 4,000 hits since this morning.

    I think I owe Moey and his mom dinner!…or at least some ice cream.

  2. We were just joking around moving the paws around for the video (really for our own amusement). We didn’t do that while trick-or-treating (although he did have the music to accompany the costume, of course).

  3. Go Moey! Wish we could have seen KC in person. Who needs CNN when you’ve got Decatur Metro and Huffington Post?!

  4. Speaking of Huffingtonpost, looks like the video made it there as well. Check out the quirky halloween costume bit. Well done!!!

  5. What everybody else said. Oh, and altmod, kudos to you for raising such a creative, clever (& entertaining) young’un, who’s obviously not afraid to express himself!

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