Rain Cancels Another Concert on the Square

Cheryl Burnette writes in…

Wow- can you believe it is raining two Saturdays in a row in Decatur?

Unfortunately, due to the threat of a large line of thunderstorms moving through the area, we are canceling tonight’s Concert on the Square. If you are looking for a substitute, check out the “Garden of Eatin”at the Holiday Inn, or stop by Eddie’s Attic for some inside music.

Here’s to another wet weekend in Decatur.

Runner Hit @ N. Decatur/Clairmont Identified by iPod

Fox5 has the story of hit-and-run victim Sarah Halperin, who was left unconscious near the intersection of North Decatur/Clairmont early Wednesday morning after being hit by a car turning left onto North Decatur from Clairmont.

Training for a marathon, 23 year-old Halperin didn’t have any ID on her at the time, so a nurse at Atlanta Medical Center had to use Halperin’s iPod serial number to get a name from Apple.

According to the Fox5 report, Halperin is still in critical condition.

h/t: InDecatur

Clarifying the Classifieds

OK, I’m getting the impression that I made the classifieds ad rates a bit too complicated for anyone’s good.  Folks are getting confused about whether they can pick the regular text (& pics) ad or whether they must take one of the other rates.  And confusion is certainly not the mark of a well-functioning program.

So, I’m simplifying the pay structure.  Anyone can now post at any one of these 5 rates…

  • Text Only (15 days) – $10
  • Text & up to 4 pics (15 days) – $15
  • Text Only (30 days) – $15
  • Text & up to 4 pics (30 days) – $20
  • Lost & Found up to 2 pics – FREE

Hopefully that clears things up a bit and makes the process a little easier for everyone.

Interested?  Place your ad HERE!

Decatur Metro Facebook Fan Page

After many months of procrastination, I finally got around to creating a Facebook fan page for DM.

Become a fan and you’ll receive alerts on FB when new info is posted on DM.  Plus it’s an easy way to come out of the closet to your extended family about being a suffering DM addict! (Unfortunately, there is currently no cure for this terrible psychosis.)

Emory Library Cuts Nearly 15% of Staff

The Emory Wheel reports that Emory University Libraries has laid off “27 full- and part-time staff and librarians Wednesday” in an effort to bridge a $1 million+ budget shortfall.

A bit more…

“These reductions are based on elimination of work where job requirements have diminished or been consolidated, technology is being implemented, or cost effective alternatives have been identified,” Vice Provost and Director of the Emory Libraries Rick Luce wrote in an e-mail to the Wheel.

The library’s budget has been reduced by 4 percent, from $26.17 million to $25.13 million, as the library continues to reduce costs by enforcing collection acquisition cuts and by curtailing new hiring.

The library currently employs a total of 149 regular and staff librarians, 15 of which are regular part-time and 134 of which are full-time positions. The library also provides part-time jobs for 173 student assistants.

Beacon Hill Artists Open House This Weekend

From the Beacon Hill Artists Studio website

Beacon Hill Artists celebrate the Fourth Annual Open Studio Tour Friday, Sept 25 (5-9 pm) and Saturday, Sept 26 (3-7 pm).

Thanks to the City of Decatur, which provides support to the Beacon Hill Studios, the space formerly occupied by Theatre Decatur will be available this year to display the work of 22 invited visual artists…

Mario Petrirena’s outdoor sculpture will be on exhibit in the open courtyard and sculptural welding demos by Corrina Sephora Mensoff will take place at times to be announced. Food and beverage will be offered and music will be performed by various musicians throughout the open studio tour.

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Hooty’s Rehab Continues; Outlook Good

From the most excellent Michael Ellis at A.W.A.RE

The owl is, as of today going into a small intermediate flight cage to test its ability to fly and rebuild its flight muscles.

At this point the wings are being held up in a balanced position and we have hopes that the bird will progress over the next week to a point that it will be releasable back to its home habitat.

…AWARE and CNC work together on many bird rescues. We often do the rescue and emergency triage and then we transferred this bird to CNC for its continued care. Kathryn [at the Chattahoochee Nature Center] specializes in raptors and is one of the best in our field so this bird has a good chance.

Michael also mentions that he sees no reason why we couldn’t make the bird’s release back into it’s habitat a publicized event.  I’ll coordinate with the Chattahoochee Nature Center to see if we can make that happen.

Stay tuned.

Chattahoochee Nature Center