The Story Behind the Unsold Decatur Beer Festival Tickets

First off, they do exist.

Even though it was announced last week that tickets for this year’s Decatur Beer Festival had sold out in 12 short days, there are still unsold tickets out there.

How and why is this possible?  It all has to do with excessive number of people who jump up and volunteer for this event.

The city’s Linda Harris explains…

Here is what happened: We always have more volunteers than we have spots so the committee decided to hold back a limited number in order to allow those who did not get a volunteer spot the opportunity to purchase tickets. It seemed like a good idea at the time. We had no idea the event would sell out so fast so early. In retrospect, the committee said they should have just placed all of them online at the same time and they will do so next year.

Live and learn.

These “extra” tickets will be made available on October 1st, after final decisions have been made on festival volunteers.  So, if you’re still in need, you might want to jump over to Ticket Alternative on 10/1 and search for tickets.  I’m not sure exactly how many tickets are left, but I’m sure they won’t last more than a couple hours.

This story has been confirmed independently by both the city of Decatur and Ticket Alternative.

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