Decatur Book Festival Live

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  1. Does this mean we can watch it while it’s going on? Or later? If so, cool. Tried to get tickets for this today at a couple of bookstores but it was too late.

  2. Oh well.

    On another note, does anyone know anything about the event “Mental Floss Quiz Show” at 3:45 PM Sunday at Eddie’s Attic? Will it be a real quiz show event like playing Trivia?

  3. Enjoyed a drop-in visit at the Atlanta Art Institute’s gallery’s opening of book illustration by local children’s book illustrators (art on the walls and the books on tables to compare). Nice to see everyone getting into the spirit!

  4. We had some amazing, hard-working volunteers tonight at the setup for the street fair. I love this town!

  5. Notes from the stuff for kids:

    I was too late and it was too crazy where I was to participate in the Book Festival Live part. So here’s a summary:

    Most kids from Decatur schools had a chance to come on the Square today to listen to an author. Loren Long, Jarrett Krosoczka, Kate DiCamillo, Michael Wexler, John Hulme, and others were on hand either downtown or at the schools. It was a great opportunity for the kids to hear real live authors and ask questions.

    Judy Schachner, author of SkippyJon Jones came into town, and we got to have dinner. We’re super excited about her appearance on Sunday. There are reports that Jon Scieszka is lurking around somewhere. Beware. We’re super excited about having to beware!

    We’re super excited about the whole darn festival!!!

    Little Shop of Stories

  6. Thanks for doing this. This was some solace for not being able to be there. Hope you do this for everything you attend. Somehow hubby and teenager have managed to manipulate our attendance so that I am covering most of the kid events with younger child (hooray for Children’s Stage!) and not attending adult stuff (boo, hiss, sulk).

  7. Anyone know how Michael Muhammed Knight is. The author-wrester in the “Literary Death Match” seems actually to have gotten hurt in his face-off with wrestler-restauranteur the Butcher. A fun show (surprised more people weren’t there) and the injury seemed at first simply part of the show.

    1. Judd, what I heard was that Knight intentionally cut himself on his forehead to give the appearance of blood but overdid it and ended up losing a good deal of blood in the process. But I also heard second-hand that Knight was doing fine as of today.

      Also I heard that “no blood” was in the contract drawn up with DBF, so we’ll have to see if anything comes of that.

      1. I’m glad to hear that Mr. Knight is OK, but more importantly does anyone know how his talking Trans Am is doing? I think I saw it at Relics and Rareties!

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