Part-Time Day Care Around Decatur?

Paula asked this question during Free-For-All Friday last week…

Does anyone know about part-time day-care options? Most of the places my friends use are full-time only. Two days a week, or three mornings a week would be perfect.

I’m going to assume the she is looking in the Decatur/DeKalb/Atlanta area.

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  1. I’ve been looking for the same thing..although I’ve been looking for afternoons. (Decatur/Clarkston area)

  2. This is a tough one. Sunshine House on Winn Way used to let parents co-op. For instance, Paula can take mornings and Wendy can take the afternoons.

    Also, a lot of the local churches including Decatur Presbyterian offer ‘PMO’ parents morning out. These programs usually run 9AM to 1PM or so, which could be ideal for you, Paula.

    Another option is to find an Agnes Scott Student who may be willing to do in-home child care. (Offering free use of washing machine and dryer is a great lure.)

  3. The PMOs:
    <a href="Decatur UMC (you will never get in here–must be blood related or on waiting list for 5 years before conceiving)
    North Decatur UMC (very good program)
    Decatur Presbyterian offers part-time but probably has a waiting list
    Holy Trinity Parish has a newish preschool that offers part-time

    Part-time care in Decatur is very hard to come by. Frasier Center at the high school will offer it, but you probably can’t get in over there unless you work for CSD. Worth a call to Jenna Black at 404-370-4425. She is very sweet and accommodating.

    One option is <Memorial Drive Presbyterian Children's Community". I’ve used them and I love the diversity over there. Of course, it is not here in downtown Decatur but it’s only about 10 minutes out. They offer part-time care (or at least they did a few years ago).

    I hope those tags work. If not, maybe DM can fix?

  4. I just spent 10 minutes composing a reply with web links and it disappeared. I really hope it just went to moderation and will show up shortly.

    Wendy R, the Memorial Drive Presbyterian Children’s Community is over in Clarkston/Stone Mountain and is fantastic: They used to offer part-time and may still.

  5. Have you tried Oakhurst Cooperative Preschool? They have part-time and full-time options, but just know that some Parent/Teacher work days are required. Because of the big parent time commitment involved, cooperative preschools aren’t for everyone. Go check it out, though. It might be a good fit for you.

  6. Thank you everyone! I will check out these options. Part of my goal is to give my kid an opportunity to interact with other kids, and experience a caretaker who doesn’t spoil him rotten (i.e., his grandmother), so an at home babysitter wouldn’t be quite the thing. Maybe if I get on the Decatur UMC waiting list now, a spot will come open by the time my son is ready to go to Renfroe… ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I have tried several time in the last couple of months to check out their website. I always get a trojan horse threat pop up. You should let them know. Both my work and home computer won’t let me on.

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