Decatur Budget Priorities: Fire & Rescue/Police

And you thought that I had forgotten.  Everyone put your “Annoyingly Involved Citizen” hat back on.

Here are Fire & Rescue’s priorities (page 28 of pdf) for the current fiscal year…

Priority One: Increase level of medical service [from First Responder] to Basic Life Support (BLS). Requires the acquisition of equipment, supplies and a contracted Medical Director. Recurring costs will be significantly less in the following years which will include the cost of the Medical Director and supply restocking.

Priority Two: Upgrade hose connections. Upgrade of the 5” hose that will adapt the connections to a swivel fitting which will increase operations and provide a safer operation. Quint 1, Engine 2 and Engine 1 will be completed in this year’s budget. Engine 3 will be proposed in the next budget.

Priority Three: Training. Training will address supervision/management, officer development, computer skills, disaster operations, fire prevention/public education and specialized training.

And here’s Decatur Police’s priorities (page 31 of pdf)…

Priority One: Computers for patrol vehicles, the traffic motorcycle and the roll call room.

Priority Two: Mobile video cameras to replace old VHS cameras.

Priority Three: Continued Marketing and Recruiting Efforts.  Recruit marketing maintenance plan

Priority Four: Crime Reporting Software.  The department has contracted with to track and report current crime reports and analyze data to better predict future crimes.

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