Yogurt Tap Details Emerge Prior to Opening

Atlanta Magazine’s “Covered Dish” blog has been doing a little Decatur-sleuthing of it’s own and gotten a healthy heap of details on Church Street’s “Yogurt Tap“, which – according to the post – will open toward the end of next week.

The post’s author, Sara Levine, talked directly with owner Lindsey Phillips, so she’s got a healthy serving of the 39 cents-an-ounce inside scoop.  (Oh the puns, they are so numerous!)  Click over to learn about Phillips’ inspiration, and what kinds of frozen yogurt will be on tap.

Here’s a taste…

Phillips says the original tart will be a staple, along with rotating flavors including dark chocolate, pineapple, green apple and strawberry.

17 thoughts on “Yogurt Tap Details Emerge Prior to Opening”

  1. Interesting…if Yoforia is really moving into downtown Decatur as well, then they will be direct competition for Yogurt Tap. Both places are essentially serving the same thing.

    1. Indeed KC. Another of the Covered Dish bloggers mentioned Yoforia on Church back in early July, but didn’t say where they received their info. So, they might just be propagating the rumor that was started here.

      Just another reason why “hat-tipping matters.”

  2. It’s a bit of weirdness that competing merchants seem to continue to open shops in Decatur in flocking trends, e.g., pizza, yogurt, etc. I wonder how prospective merchants identify a need/gap in Decatur food types, and how they are obviously unaware that competitors are hot on the same trail. There is only so much demand for yogurt concoctions, me thinks. I will be happy to try both, of course…

    1. I agree Carolyn, but I’m still not convinced about Yoforia. I still think it’s possible that someone said that “a place like Yoforia” is opening on Church Street in Decatur referencing Yogurt Tap and that turned into “Yoforia is coming to Decatur!”

  3. One of the most interesting suggestions I’ve read recently is to put a Korean BBQ in the Atlanta Bread Company space. That’s kind of brilliant, actually, at least in terms of identifying a market as yet unserved in Decatur. Although I wonder if those places are hard to insure, what with everyone grilling their own meat n’ all.

  4. I am so excited! I have been waiting for a place like this to open in Decatur, and I will be a regular no doubt.

  5. Marlatiara writes to DM on Twitter that store hours are now up in the window. Sounds like things are on track for opening this week.

  6. I don’t think Yoforia is coming. Both parties wanted that space and Tap beat them to the punch. The franchise buyer for Yoforia probably backed out when he heard the news. Nonetheless, Tap looks awesome. Can’t wait.

  7. So, with great excitement I made my way over to Yogurt Tap and with great disappointment I left. Why…. Why…. Why are stores, with such great potential to become an important Decatur destination (think Tossed, Wordsmith etc.) fall so short of their mark in execution?? As a resident who is eager to help these places thrive, I REFUSE to fund a store where it seems that the management doesnt have the ability to pull it off and then will close within a year and we are left with an empty space and a concept that others will be afraid to put in Decatur because it will appear that Decaturites wont support it.
    What do I specifically mean….here is a frozen yogurt store placed in a neighborhood which has many kids and yet no one thought to at least include such basic kid friendly flavors as vanilla? What kid wants Green Apple or Mango flavor? How about having kid friendly flavors along with a few “artistic” flavors? Please understand, I dont have kids, nor really like kids, but yet this seems like a no brainer to me for the survival of this place.
    Also, if one of your things is having a toppings bar shouldnt you have a BIG servings bar…the one I saw on Friday night (with 4 of the containers empty) looked like a spread one would put out if having a toppings bar at a home party.
    Come on Decatur business owners get smart!…Decatur is not “Field of Dreams”..you cant just build it and we will come….you have to pull it off well and we will come (look at the lines daily at Tacqueria Del Sol, Brick Store, Leons, Cafe Lilly, etc.)

    1. Not to be argumentative of something subjective but… my kid rocked the mango Saturday and would’ve gone back for more if I’d been willing to pony up. A bunch of other kids came in while we were there and none seemed to have much difficulty coming up with a choice.

      Decatur kids. A breed all their own.

    2. “What kid wants Green Apple or Mango flavor?”

      — Plenty of kids I saw on Friday and Saturday were trying out the flavors. What’s not “kid friendly” about green apple or mango? They were delicious, and the kids seemed overjoyed with these flavors. AND I saw a steady stream of customers in the store. Wishing Yougurt Tap much success…I’ll definitely be a frequent customer.

    3. No vanilla? Um, yes there was. But they inexplicably call it something like “Tart”, something I cannot remember–not a good strategy. But my son and I clearly thought it was the equivalent of vanilla and liked it. My daughter liked chocolate.

      I have a different assessment: I think kids, maybe even some adults, love the concept of the blackboard telling you what to do and one of the steps being to sample flavors. That’s half the fun. And the flavors keep changing which will bring folks in. The outdoor seating was full all weekend so I think the store is an initial hit.

      Agree however that the buffet toppings spread seemed meager. I think the problem is that the space is huge and austere and then there’s this tiny area for toppings and payment. I wasn’t sure if we could walk all around the buffet or not or if one side was for management only. The presentation clearly needs to be worked on.

    4. My kid also loved the mango. I really like the space — he beachy decor and open space felt really comfortable to me. My big beef: no sprinkles on the toppings bar! That’s almost criminal if you ask me.

  8. So I have a question…does it taste more like yogurt, or ice cream? I’m not a big fan of yogurt, but I do like my ice cream!

    1. It’s hard to describe and kind of a subtle taste–a cross between gelato, sherbet, and yogurt. Sweeter and definitely more frozen than yogurt, but tangier than ice cream.

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