Movie Action at The Grange

grange movie

The Grange was bustling this morning in preperation for filming of Tyler Perry’s “Why Did I Get Married Too?”  The pub is closed today and tomorrow for filming.

No star-sightings to report, just lots of sleepy-looking grips.

FYI…the distortion in the photo above is due to my walk-while-snapping technique, not because the pub was being sucked into some kind of vortex.

13 thoughts on “Movie Action at The Grange”

  1. Janet isn’t in the scene they are filming today, so everyone sitting at Dancing Goats with binoculars waiting on a wardrobe malfunction can just go on home 🙂

    1. Thanks for the report Rus. I was doubtful…especially after that AJC article came out. I probably should have at least put a question mark in the previous post. Oh well.

  2. Wait, the Grange is turning into the Vortex? Holy cow that’s big news! We love those Vortex burgers.

    (Daren snickers as he tries to start a spurious internet rumor.)

        1. The burgers and their brunch are decent, but come on–it’s Bennigan’sAppleBee’sChili’s punk rock style. Oh and you walk into Castle Grayskull.

          1. Yes, and I like Sonic a lot. But there aren’t any conveniently close to Decatur.

            Oh, and one more thing…I like tater tots.

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