CSD Board Votes Unanimously For Option #13

CSD Mom’s blog quotes a message posted on the CSDparents Yahoo Group site from Don Calder that reports the CSD Board voted unanimously in favor of Option 13 last night regarding reconfiguration options.  No real surprise there.

According to the note, Edwards also addressed concerns about leaving Westchester vacant for the time being, explaining that it could be used as a buffer against “extraordinary enrollment increases” (read: annexation).

Also, here are some numbers that were thrown around…

The cost of renovating Fifth Ave is expected to be $8 million. The impact on the operating budget (as of 2013) should be approx $500 to $700K, which may require a millage increase of approx 0.5 to 1.0 mil. Both Dr. Edwards and CSD’s finance rep, Theresa Link, stressed that these are worst-case scenarios, however, and difficult to project.

One thought on “CSD Board Votes Unanimously For Option #13”

  1. Glad that CSD did much better consensus building around this reconfiguration vs. what was done last time. Not perfect–didn’t involve School Leadership Teams fully in line with the intention of charter, e.g. having each SLT develop its own consensus after getting school community input; instead just requested some SLT members who didn’t necessarily represent their SLT or school community, just themselves, and didn’t have to report back. But better consensus process nonetheless. Worried that cost/economy/whatever will lead CSD in future to default to what was originally a favorite option for CSD Admin–put 4/5 Academy at Renfroe, which clearly was not a consensus preference.

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