Unofficial Survey Says Parents Prefer K-5 Model

Over on her CSD reconfiguration blog, CSD Mom has been writing for a while about efforts to get the school board to consider a parent survey regarding reconfiguration, which would complement a survey already completed among teachers.  However, the school board didn’t taken any action on that front, so CSD Mom created her own survey and asked parents to participate.

Well, the survey is now closed and the 288 votes have been tallied and with 29% of the vote, Option 6 (which opts from the old K-5 model instead of K-3 and a 4/5 academy) won out over Option 13 that received 26% of the vote.

Now it should be said that this is an unscientific survey and CSD Mom hasn’t been shy about promoting Option 6 over all the others over at her site.  Even so, this seemingly strong support among parents, who made up 84% of the survey vote, for Option 6 shows an interesting and under-reported element to the reconfiguration struggle.  Option 6 would effectively dismantle the 4/5 academy model that has long been heralded by administrators, teachers, and a good number of parents.  Be that as it may, there seems to be a good contingent of parents out there who would rather revert back to a less expensive K-5 system, than spend money to completely renovate 5th Ave so it could become the city’s 4/5 Academy.

Personally, I’m still unsure which option to support.  However, I remain wary to assume that the city’s student population will continue to rise indefinitely into the future…without annexation of course.

DHS Senior Run

09 senior run

09 senior run2

Teacher Chris Billingsley sends in some candid pics from DHS last week.   Seniors did their annual run through the halls, ending at the media center.

Chris continues, “Graduation is [this]week in the stadium. Several are off to Yale and Harvard. Quite a few to Georgia and Tech. Almost all seniors have college, career, or military plans. Good Luck! Carpe Diem!”