Decatur's Atlanta Bread Company Closes Its Doors

Been waiting on this announcement for quite some time.

Louis writes in…

Atlanta Bread Company (next to Noddle) is closing for good after lunch today. From what I can tell, while the catering business was good, the dining-in crowd apparently had dwindled off. No idea what might occupy the space …

This is prime – with a capital “P” – real estate at a key corner of downtown.  What takes over this spot matters more than most.   Now that Leon’s has brought life to the opposite corner of Ponce and Church, we need to pull people across the street farther down Ponce.  ABC has been hindering this for years.  Let’s hope the replacement lives up to the expectation!

ING Direct Marathon Sunday

Photo Courtesy of The Decatur Minute

Even if running 26.2 miles on a Sunday morning isn’t your thing, you might want to consider adding Sunday’s ING Direct Marathon to the ol’ calendar.

Why?  Two reasons.

One, Decatur needs you to cheer at the “official” cheering station in front of Fellini’s on Commerce Drive at 7am, so the city can regain its title of “Best Cheering Station” in the metro area.  Candler Park took that honor from us last year.  The winner gets a cool $10,000 to put toward worthwhile orgs like the Decatur Youth Fund.

But even if you have no desire hold an orange sign and scream your brains out, you need to know because certain roads in and around Decatur will close throughout the morning to allow runners to circle the city.

Here’s the map and list of street closures.

Spring Electronics Recycling Day POSTPONED

UPDATE: Rain will postpone electronics recycling day until April 25th.  See Cheryl’s comment.

The Decatur Minute has all the details for tomorrow’s Spring Electronics Recycling Day in the DHS parking lot from 9a-1p.

In addition to electronics, you can also recycle batteries, styrofoam, mercury thermometers and thermostats.  As Cheryl says over at The Minute “, “Just about anything with a cord can be recycled, with the exception of microwave ovens.”   Oh, and there’s a $10 fee to recycle a TV.

So get to work procrastinators!  Gather up all those huge chunks of Pottery Barn styrofoam you’ve been hording, and clear off those old PC hard drives!  Its go time!

Cheryl, is there any sort of contingency plan due to the Biblical flood?

Gas Service Back On?

Gas service was supposed to be restored to all residents by midnight Thursday.

Everyone have the option of a hot shower this morning?