West Ponce "Fab Friday" Is Back

Heliotrope sends in the details for tomorrow night’s “Fab Friday” along West Ponce.

Be rewarded for braving the rain with big discounts and free food & drinks!

Click to view full size image!
Click to view the full size image!

Strong Support for 5th Avenue as 4/5 Academy?

Garrett comments over on CSD Mom’s Reconfiguration blog that the most vocal support by parents at last night’s listening session was for Option#13, which calls for converting vacant 5th Avenue Elementary into the city’s new 4/5 academy.

Among the 13 options, #13 is the most costly upfront at more than $9 million to execute.

What do you think?  Is 5th Ave as 4/5 the best solution?

I’m still unsure of what to support.  And I don’t think I’m alone.

Chris Thile & Punch Bros. Perform at Decatur CD Tomorrow

This is one big, fat get for Decatur CD.

Tomorrow at 1pm, the mandolin player of his generation, Chris Thile, and The Punch Brothers will perform a free set at Decatur CD.   They will also be performing at Variety Playhouse tomorrow evening.

All the details you need are here.

After the jump, watch the Punch Brothers play with Thile’s “Song for a Young Queen”, originally performed by Thile and the Watson siblings (aka Nickel Creek). Continue reading “Chris Thile & Punch Bros. Perform at Decatur CD Tomorrow”

Tax Credits Lure Filming to Georgia

Jonathan Cribbs over at Champion Newspapers recaps Decatur’s recent filming frenzy and offers an explanation for the recent influx of grips, cameramen, directors and celebs.

A newly created up-to-30% state tax credit for films that shoot in Georgia.

Inadvertently, it seems that Decatur has become a major beneficiary of this legislation.  With its close proximity to Atlanta, beautiful locales, and increasingly rare “small town feel”, it looks like the goals of the Strategic Plan are now paying new, unexpected dividends.

I can’t wait for the Decatur Hot Dog joint where all the celebs who have visited have signed, B&W pictures on the wall! 🙂

Saba Leaves Square for Oakhurst

Nittany313 reports…

Walked past Saba on the square on Tuesday night and was surprised to find it closed. Sign on the door said that they were moving to Oakhurst- 350 Mead Rd. I know that they had changed lunch/brunch times recently but the restaurant always seemed packed in the evenings. Any idea what the scoop is on the move and whether or not they will be open at all in the interim?

Now we know what’s taking over the old Calavino’s space.

Anybody have answers for Nittany?  (These questions are in the wheelhouse of a few of our frequent commenters.)

Oakhurst Residents/Schools Without Natural Gas Service This Morning

The AJC reports on the 1,500 DeKalb County residents without natural gas service this morning due to pressure drops at a regulator station down by Memorial and Candler Rd..

Amanda writes in and says many Oakhurst residents are among those affected…

Gas is still out in Oakhurst and likely will be for a while since they have to come back around and turn it back on at each house, and they want you to be home for that.

UPDATE: CSDMom reports that Oakhurst, Renfroe and College Heights schools are also operating as usual without gas this morning.

UPDATE II: Asst. City Manager Lyn Menne sends this update….

Tony Parker, Assistant City Manager for Emergency Management, reports that Atlanta Gas Light has 40 crew members working to turn off gas in all homes and businesses affected by the gas outage. Assuring that gas has been turned off at each location is an important safety measure to prevent buildings from filling with gas when gas service is restored. Atlanta Gas Light expects to have this work completed by noon today and can then make the repairs necessary to the piping system and restore gas service to the area.

Once gas service is restored, Atlanta Gas Light crews must go to each individual home and business to turn on individual service and make certain that pilot lights and other gas appliances are working properly. This service can only be performed by Atlanta Gas Light personnel and is done to assure the safety of all gas customers. Atlanta Gas light reports that repairs will be finished later this afternoon and that crews will be dispatched beginning around 4 p.m. to start turning on individual gas service. However, they believe it could take between 24 and 48 hours to visit each of the 1700 customers that have been impacted. For updates and additional information, you can visit the Atlanta Gas Light web page by following this link http://www.aglc.com/DecaturCandlerRdAreaOutage.aspx