Decatur "Urban Farms" Announcement Coming?

Dave over at InDecatur notes this quote from Agnes Scott’s Sustainability Director in an interview with the AJC…

But [this week] we’re going to announce a partnership for gardening and food with the city of Decatur, Decatur city schools, Georgia Organics and Oakhurst. What we’re going to do is find multiple locations to [develop] gardens and figure out who does the labor, how it’s funded and how the [produce] is distributed to the community.

The last time I asked the city about the “urban farms” initiative, they said it was still in the planning stages.  But this weekend is the Georgia Organics Conference at Agnes Scott, so this would be a good time to get it all out there.  Hopefully we’ll hear the full details soon!

Also, it looks like there’s still a chance to meet Michael Pollan even if you can’t attend the conference or the farm to table dinner.  Carl sent me a link a few days back from Slow Food Atlanta, which advertised “Cocktails in the Garden” with Pollan at the Oakhurst Community Garden on Friday, March 20th from 6:30-7p.  Tickets are $35 and can be purchased here.

WABE Features Eddie's Attic Open Mic Night

Scott points me to a WABE feature from this morning about Eddie’s ever-popular Monday Open Mic Night.

Its nice to see a Decatur mainstay getting some press.  Good stuff.

City Commission Meeting – 3/16/09

Lots on the table for tonight’s City Commission meeting (agenda found here). 

Among the most interesting issues:

1.  City Commission will vote to show support for the annexation of 10 commercial parcels along E. College between the city limits and Sams Crossing, with the understanding that Avondale will annex everything to its west up to Sams Crossing.  (page 42 of the supplemental materials)

This vote represents the first step in the process of bringing these parcels inside the city limits.  Rep. Benfield has agreed to sponsor the legislation before the GA general assembly in two separate bills (one for each city).

Though 10 parcels won’t do much to ease the city’s tax burden, the two cities are in agreement that they both would benefit from giving this strip a little TLC.

2.  Surprisingly, the “Sanitation Fee Schedule” agenda item is some of the most interesting reading the meeting “materials”.  (page 39) Essentially, sanitation fees will probably have to be increased citywide because the market for recyclables has completely evaporated.  Why?  Because the companies that collect them can no to make more off collection – though I wonder what becomes of all of these recyclables if they aren’t used.  Are they just stored somewhere?

So, keep this is mind when you throw something in the recycling.  Plastics, chipboard, cardboard isn’t currently being reused…and could just as easily wind up in a dump.  The best course of action is to minimize all garbage.  That seems to be the impetus behind the city providing a coupon for a free reusable tote with our garbage bags in the near future.

3.  The city is smartly removing the Homestead Exemption from 2009 tax bills in anticipation that the state will not meet its 3% goal (revenue above amount to fund program) to distribute them in 2009.  (page 38)

4.  The Ponce Heights traffic study – incorrectly called Ponce Terrace in the report – doesn’t recommend any action in traffic calming (except restriping crosswalks) until a neighborhood committee is estabilished and its determined there is a need for additional measures. (page 64)

5.  The Glenlake Park overhaul begins soon (late March – early April).  Church St. will be narrowed to one lane during construction to provide parking for tennis court and pool users. (page 57)

Phew!  Lots going on!