Huge Tree Down in Oakhurst

Decaturguy sends in this image from the corner of 4th Avenue and Oakview Road and goes on to say ” I don’t know anything other than a neighbor told me that no one was hurt, but it looks like the tree took out the front part of two bungalows.”


After that wind started blowing last night, I was increasingly worried about something like this happening in the area.

Relics & Rarities Opens March 15th @ Noon

So reports Dennis over at Next Stop.

The owner, Warren Pickard, also let Dennis take a couple interior pics.  After seeing them, I must say that I’m now officially intrigued by this place.

Can’t wait to try it out!

Commission Meeting: Sidewalk Improvement Phase II

The working meeting prior to tonight’s City Commission meeting will include a presentation of Phase II of our sidewalk improvement plan.   Streets that will see new or improved sidewalks are listed on page 4 and 5 of the meeting’s supplemental materials.  And if you’re interested in knowing on which streets at least one person has objected to having sidewalks added, that would be on the bottom of page 2 of the materials.

The commission meeting also features awarding the Glendale Park improvements contract to the low bidder: Sports Turf Company.

Also the commission will hear a proposal by, which works with local governments in doing the following (according to their website)…

Connect citizens to your energy conservation programs via Zip codes
Provide a forum to showcase your plans and successes
Provide easy access to local energy efficiency businesses
Help promote local conservation groups, initiatives and events

Decatur Snow Party

With the year-after-year success of the “Decatur Beach Party”, on Sunday the city of Decatur surprised its residents with a first annual “Decatur Snow Day”!

I took this pic after making a snow angel in the street...
I took this pic after making a snow angel in the street...

Shops closed and residents headed for the hills to slip and slide in the slush.

The cost to make it snow over the entire city is still unknown, but some residents wondered if it was the best use of city funds during a recession.   Those people were unceremoniously pelted with snowballs.

Umbrellas in the snow! Now I've seen EVERYTHING!

Wordsmiths Books Closes Suddenly

Carl points to this note on Wordsmiths website…

I’ve pondered how to start this, but this is the best I can come up with. There is no great way to begin the end of a dream, and there is no gentle way to state that finality is upon you. That said, I regret to announce that, as of Monday, March 2nd, 2009, Wordsmiths Books will close its doors for good. I don’t do this willingly, and I would love to say that there were avenues of exploration yet to wander, possibilities that could avert this outcome, but that would be untruthful. I have explored every possibility open to me, but the sheer magnitude of the decline in sales alone (on the heels of our efforts to right the boat) from our current economic downturn has long since evaporated the fumes. Frankly put, there’s nothing left to make the engine go, and sitting on the side of the road with a thumb out doesn’t seem to earn you much grace as a business.

Read the full note here.

This is tough.  Not only to those that helped keep the operation afloat last fall during the controversial donations campaign, but for all the people that attended some great events at Wordsmiths on a weekly basis.  Best of luck to Zach, Russ and all the Wordsmiths crew!