The Great Atlanta Thundersnow Squall of '09

UPDATE I: Thundersnow is all the rage on Twitter!  Regator is even selling a t-shirt that reads “When it snows in Atlanta…it Thundersnows!”

The Atlanta snow squall of 2009 seems to have started a bit earlier than originally predicted.

Big, fat snow started dumping at about 11am this morning, putting local news stations on red alert, while Subaru owners quickly hit the roads without a destination in mind, hoping to finally justify their purchase of an AWD vehicle in a southern climate. Elsewhere sled-less children cut up cardboard boxes to slide down their driveways, while northern transplants immediately started bragging to anyone within earshot about their impressive snow driving skills . (All my stories involve the uncontrollable fish-tailing I used to do in my rear-wheel drive truck in high school)

Enjoy the snow everyone!

Wow…”thundersnow”…that’s different.

Element Auction Shows There's Still Demand to Live Intown

40 Element condos at Atlantic Station went up for auction yesterday, and while the AJC seemed focused on the  “bargain” prices, I was most interested to hear that all 40 condos were easily sold.

According to the article, 175 bidders showed up to bid on 40 Element condos with opening bids less than half their original asking price – though the two profiled in the article actually ended up going for more like 2/3rds the original asking price.  To me this seems to indicate that the condo market is over-saturated not because of dying interest to live intown, but because property is simply over-priced.

Though it would be nice to have these condos going for insane amounts of money, its still good to see so much interest in Atlanta’s condos when the price is right.

Parker's Coupons

Don’t throw out that new Savvy Shopper mailing just yet!

In addition to the usual coupons to Wahoo! and Raging Burrito/Taco, I just noticed the newest issue includes some really great Parker’s on Ponce coupons inside the front cover.

Included are a “buy one entree & 2 beverages, receive the second entree of equal or lesser value free” coupon, a similar “lunch entree” couon and a $5 off $15 take-out order coupon.  Coupon expires April 1st.

Plus they’re valid Sunday-Thursday, which is much better in my opinion, than the usual Monday-Thursday coupons.