Decatur January Offerings

Here’s a round up of recent offers, events, and specials that I’ve gathered up recently…

  • The latest’s Sawicki’s newsletter announces that Lyn is now carrying local Johnson Family Farms whole milk for only $3.65 a half-gallon. (From my own observations, that’s cheaper than organic from the grocery store) and selling eggs from her own backyard chickens for 40 cents each.  Also Sawicki’s is doing a poll on perishables over at its website.  Head over and give a little quick feedback.
  • Tastings will host an Inauguration Party next Tuesday from 6p-whenever.  There will be Inauguration-themed trivia, beer specials, buckets of beer, 1/2 off Pilsner Urquell, food specials, ½ off sandwiches, ½ off house wines and themed cocktail.
  • Decatur EdTV is now offering a new monthly newsletter (pdf) to help residents stay up to date with the charter school process.  Andrea says hardcopies might also soon be available around town.
  • Whit’s End is in the midst of a Winter Clearance Sale.
  • Poetry Atlanta comes back to Wordsmiths’ stage this Saturday at 2pm.

Business owners – if you have any other upcoming events/sales/new offerings, send them along and I’ll add ’em to the list.