CSD Reconfiguration Vote Pushed Up to January 13th?

Judd Owen writes in to let us know that if we’re reading the CSD Board of Ed agenda correctly, they have pushed up their vote to approve the recommended reconfiguration plan of the school system from March to January 13th.

If you’re new to the discussion, the plan to accomidate more students is to use portables at the elementary schools until 4th/5th grades can be moved to a new Renfroe addition and make Glennwood a K-3.  If the city were to approve annexation, Westchester would also become a K-3.

Originally, the schedule looked like this…

a. Superintendent presents multiple options to Board of Education
for February 10, 2009 meeting
b. Board of Education conducts informational sessions and public
hearings (if needed) end of February
c. Board of Education votes on action item March 10, 2009

But Judd points out that a “move approval of reconfiguration plan” is the second action item on the School Board’s January 13th meeting agenda.  The item is accompanied by a letter from the superintendent encouraging the board to accept the committee’s recommendation.  The financial impact is estimated at $25,000 for each portable and $3 million for the Renfroe “renovations to add 4/5”.

So I assume that this means that the Board of Ed vote has been pushed up two months to January 13th?  Right? Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.