Rosser's Student Count for Annexation Areas Revised

Pat Herold sends in this updated video explaining why Rosser’s student count for the annexation area was curiously low and what the new projected number of students looks like.  (though I’m unclear as to whether Rosser endorses this number or whether its Pat’s projection)

Bottom line: When Rosser generated the now infamous “450” figure, it was working with an earlier version of the annexation map, which included a smaller potential annexation area.  So I guess the map was updated but the student population number was not?  Eeek.

Thanks for the follow up Pat!

One question I have:  Is it too conservative to project revenue growth in the underdeveloped annexation area similar to that of already revitalized downtown Decatur?  (Pat says he takes the average city growth over the last few years) Maybe we should go back and look at revenue growth for the city back in the 1980s and 1990s when the town was experiencing its rebirth and include that too.  Then perhaps take the average growth of the entire period?

It doesn’t solve the immediate deficit, but perhaps would give a more accurate picture of what the difference between revenue and expenses would be a few years down the road.