Arriving at 450

UPDATE: Confirming my suspicions that the 450 number isn’t just the 441 births from 2000-07 rounded up to 450, MrFixIt reports in the comments that Rosser’s calculation is more complex than just that..though we do not yet have details.  I guess that’s the danger of posting presentations without the audio to go along with it.  Data is easily misinterpreted.

As a result…the video below is inaccurate and will need to be updated.

Pat Harold created this YouTube video showing the issue many have with Rosser’s 450 new students coming from the proposed annexation area. [h/t: InDecatur]

As shown in the Rosser Report, resident births are only calculated from 2000-2006, which comes out to 441 when all is said and done. As has been stated here by Judd and MrFixIt, the problem is that (obviously!) children attend school for 13 years, not seven. So why is it only calculated for seven years?

Are all children in the annexation area NOT immediately transferred from DeKalb to Decatur Schools? Would it only effect younger kids?

And how does the ‘466’ 17 & under number come into play on page 17 of the report?