Still Holding Out Hope For An Annexation Throwdown

Avondale will be holding their own annexation meeting tonight at 5:30p to discuss extending the city limits farther out College Avenue, encompassing more commercial and residential land.

For those of you just arriving at the Annexation Party (Let me take your coat. Would you like a mimosa?) here’s a short recap of the annexation tension (or lack thereof) between the two cities…

Shortly after it was revealed earlier this year that Decatur was looking at annexation along College Avenue, Avondale quickly responded by saying that they were ALSO going to begin studying annexation along College Avenue between the two cities…presumably because they didn’t want Decatur to gobble up all the commercial goodies along the corridor, leaving nothing but residential crumbs behind.

What could have resulted in a throwdown between these two neighboring cities instead ended in a “gentleman’s agreement” that concluded that if both decided to annex, they would meet in the middle.

But I still say that pistols at dawn would have made for a better blog posting! 😉