Vote for Oakhurst's Clay Chapman in Architectural Digest Competition!

Brick Homes by Clay Chapman

I actually saw this note this morning on the Oakhurst Message Board, but Dan was good enough give me a nudge by forwarding it along…very cool news….

Hi all, here is a shameless plug asking for your help in supporting my husband, Clay Chapman, who was recently named one of 8 finalists for Architectural Digest’s Open Auditions in NYC. Two of his residences were chosen. One a barn/home conversion in TN and another a timberframed/structural masonry home in Cedartown, GA (it shows an interior shot). Architectural Digest set up sample polls to gauge reader’s interest in the projects.

Clays is the first one on the page. Here is the link: you can also access his website from link (which is currently under construction, but you can see his portfolio) I would sincerely appreciate you voting for his project and helping an Oakhurst resident get noticed! You can vote as many times as you want.

Thanks again!

Katie Chapman

AJC Reports from Annexation Work Session

I couldn’t attend last night’s meeting, but the highlights from this morning’s AJC article seem to reiterate all the same points we’ve been hearing over the past year…

1. Property taxes will go up without it.

2. No decision has yet been made by the commission.

3. I my opinion the school system still sounds pretty reluctant to take on sizable influx of new students, regardless of the number, especially since its already dealing with a $2 million deficit for this fiscal year.

The next step is for the city comission to hold a public hearing on December 1st and then vote on whether to seek approval on December 15th.

Anyone else have a report from the meeting?