Who's Using Decatur Wifi?

Probably the most commonly asked question that shows up in my Inbox concerns Decatur’s wifi.  Some people mistake me for the city and ask if they can advertise on the homepage (yes, please send cash to…), while others don’t understand how/where to sign up (HERE is the answer) and empty-handed reporters write to me for possible contacts to talk about the service.

My own experience with the service is limited, since the wifi polls on my street aren’t that close to my house and because of all the trees in my neighborhood, I can only get a really weak signal out on my front porch (nothing inside).  And before you ask…no, I haven’t tried ordering a wifi modem from Get The Speed to see if the indoor signal would improve enough to rule my Comcast Highspeed Internet obsolete.

So what does this all boil down to?

Well, I’m curious to know who out there is using Decatur’s new citywide wifi regularly and what you think of it.  I’d love to hear from the folks that use the free 128k signal and the “high speed” signal, both inside their home and out on the town.  Thanks in advance!