City Now Providing All Supporting Documents for Commission Meetings

Thanks to feedback given on this site, the city, as promised, has started posting all relevant documents to city commission meetings on their website.  Previously, prior to the Monday meeting, we would only see a basic agenda posted online.  However, today we have access to a schedule (which shows a ‘dinner session’ and a ‘work session’ to talk about East Decatur mixed use prior to the meeting), an agenda, and 41 pages of supporting “materials”.

The materials section includes the minutes from the last commission meeting, along with documents like liquor license applications, letters regarding construction bids, and memorandum that go into detail on other agenda items.

This is another great step forward in terms of easy access to information.  Many thanks to the city for quickly following through on this promise!

As for actual items of interest on tonight’s agenda:

  • Leon’s Full Service and Zucca Pizza (opening in the old Zocalo space which is now painted black) have applied for their liquor licenses. (Decatur trivia – I certainly didn’t know that the Brick Store Boys corporation is officially known as “Giggling Otter Enterprises”.)
  • Pilot Commerical Recycling Program – Altmod, I know you expressed concern about this in the past….it looks like the city is getting ready to do something about it!