Bracing For the Holidays

Now that shear optimism is no longer capable of keeping the U.S. economy afloat, small businesses are really beginning to feel the pinch.  I’m sure you don’t need me or the New York Times to tell you that, but we just did.

To use a worn out phrase, times are tough.  In just the past few days, I’ve received multiple, unprompted emails from various shop owners and businesses in and around Decatur who are already being squeezed and wait nervously for the ever-important holiday season.  A note from “DecaturMerchant” did a good job of summing up the general mood…

I wanted to ask that everyone please consider supporting the shops of Decatur this Holiday season.  Many of these shop owners give generously to our community, and rely heavily on local support.  Possibly losing more of these businesses would be a detriment to our city.  Many owners are scared, and have painstakingly and carefully stocked their shops with the hopes that adequate support keeps them in business.  I realize the economy may be difficult for many, so please think about keeping your hard earned money in your own community.  Terrific Thursdays are a wonderful way to save some money, have some fun, and purchase items from your own local shop keepers, many whom also reside in our community.  Also watch for offerings of sales, discounts, and clearance tables or racks.  Thanks for your consideration.

As for my own contribution, I’m beginning to notice that some of my postings are having more of an effect on event attendance and participation than I ever realized.  That said, I will do my best to keep everyone up-to-date on Decatur business events and specials.  But please keep in mind that I’m just one person with limited time and resources.

To get things kicked off, I’ll just mention that the city has already posted all the Terrific Thursday specials for 2008.  Check ’em out here.

All the best to our merchants this holiday season!