Is The Farmer's Market Is Good Again?

A month and a half ago, you’ll recall we had a rather extended discussion concerning the “fishy/chemical” smell that had taken over Your DeKalb Farmer’s Market, stemming from a letter that Paula sent to management.  Though we held out little hope for any improvement since management was notoriously private and unresponsive, we found near unanimous agreement (a rare feat on this site) that there was indeed a funk and it was definitely getting worse.

Welp, after a couple of recent reports that the smell had gotten noticeably better in recent weeks, the misses and I ventured back to judge for ourselves.

And let me just say…its amazing.  I smelled nothing reminiscent of the old stench that had been seeping into the cheeses, meats and breads.  Not a whiff.  A subsequent cheese taste-test upon returning home revealed only the delicious tang of swiss.

So congratulations everyone!  Though we can’t be sure it was our extended discussion here that caused the change, I say we take full credit.  30+ complaints are darn hard to ignore.

Now if only they would alter that ridiculous no-bag policy.

UPDATE: Responses from other customers are mixed.  Check out the comments!