315 Meeting #1: Open Thread

Scott's Pic - 315 Meeting (Otis White at Right)

UPDATE II: The AJC reports from the meeting here and InDecatur has a nice first-hand report from participant Joe Winter.


UPDATE: Sounds positive so far! Scott is good enough to write in with a summary of the beginning of the meeting..

“The meeting was set up so that people were arranged in groups of about six or eight people. Otis White made some initial remarks, establishing at the onset that the goal was to ensure that everyone with any desire to contribute could be heard. His point was that, over the past year, many voices have emerged — some loud and some more measured — and that the possibility certainly existed that there were others with a stake in the outcome who have yet to participate in the discourse.”

Then the neighborhood, developer and city were allowed to make opening statements. Though there was some resistance, many in the neighborhood seemed to agree with Mr. White that it would be worth while to get everyone on the same page. Scott continues…

“After remarks from the various parties, the individual groups went to work on their first task: Identify their key concerns about, as well as their aspirations for, the project. Once those had been collectively presented back to the whole room, they were given a second task of taking one of their aspirations and brainstorming on ways the developer could reasonably address them.”

Beyond that point, we’ll need the rest of you to fill in the holes on your views and impressions. Sounds like it had the potential to be a fruitful meeting!


So, here’s the rub. I can’t attend the 315 meeting this evening. Other commitments demand the Metro’s attention (wow…that name sounds so stupid).

The good news is you won’t have to endure my usual morning-after report, full of rambling tangents and lazy summaries. The bad news is: you gotta fill me in.

How did the meeting go? Was the place packed? How effective was Otis White? Did we make any progress on the issues at hand or did it devolve into an “I hate you! I hate you more!” battle of wits?

Also, even if you don’t generally like to comment because of your fear of blowhards (like myself) asking you 10,000 follow up questions, you can still make yourself heard by taking advantage of this site’s newest feature: polling!

Cool, huh?