Victory Vintage Home Downsizing and Closing Decatur Store

Seems like we’re in the midst of another wave of store closings around town.

Rusty Tanton forwards this message from Victory Vintage Home

Dear Friends of Victory Vintage Home:

As our five year anniversary approaches, I’ve made the decision not to renew our lease here. There are a few reasons but first let me say that we ARE going to stay in the lamp shade and lamp repair business; we’ll be moving these to Kudzu Antique Market starting 11/1/08. We will also continue to make hanging lights and sell great refurbished vintage lamps and a little furniture there too.

My experience here has been superlative and I can’t thank each and every one of you enough for coming to the store and/or visiting our web site on a regular basis. I feel privileged to have had your business, and that made my decision to close very difficult. In the end, these uncertain economic times and my own desire to try some new things prevailed.

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Our mailing list friends will have the first opportunity to buy at drastically reduced prices starting this Saturday, October 11. From 5 – 8 p.m. we’ll have catered appetizers and wine; come pick up some terrific deals. Nearly everything¬†will be 50% off EXCEPT LAMPSHADES, one or two furniture pieces, and some new gift inventory that just arrived for the upcoming holiday season (this will discounted 25%; shades will not be on sale). I have a few pieces in storage that will trickle in as we have room. Our last day open in this location will be Wednesday, October 29.

Again, we will continue to be a full-service lamp repair and lamp shade provider operating from Kudzu Antique Market, located near the Dekalb Farmer’s Market on East Ponce de Leon Ave. (2928 is the exact address). The phone number there is 404-373-6498 and they are open seven days a week from 11 – 7. Beth Wheeler will have regular hours there, though you can drop a lamp off at any time, and I’ll be around on Saturdays and available for help with lamp shades.

Who knows, perhaps in a year or two we’ll revisit the idea of another stand-alone store. For now, we’re going to hunker down and make sure every lamp in Decatur has fresh wiring and a pretty new shade.

Thank you again – it’s been a lot of fun!

Lee Cuthbert