Emory Wants 75% of Its Food to Be Local by 2015

CL reports on Emory’s ambitious, new sustainable food initiative that’s end goal is to buy 75% local by 2015.

That’s an extraordinary percentage, especially in winter (more root vegetables anyone?)…but hey, I’m not the expert.

Regardless, its great to see such a huge establishment sign onto the slow/local food movement.

Though some may mistaken this sustainable food thing as just the next fad in the endless waves of new “diets”, in reality its much larger than that.  As long as China and India continue to use more and more oil, raising oil (and food) prices to new highs, AND people worry about the effects on the environment, a good percentage of folks will continue to turn to local foods in an effort reduce their own carbon footprints and support the local economy.

Sorry to go all Bill McKibben on everyone, but I just wanted to say “cheers!” to Emory for being so forward thinking in this area.  Perhaps such a huge commitment will help revive one of the rarest elements of the modern landscape: the local farm.