Commissioner Fred Boykin Suffers Stroke

The AJC reports

Decatur City Commissioner Fred Boykin suffered a mild stroke Tuesday morning and was hospitalized, but is expected to recover.

Boykin, who owns Bicycle South, was taken for treatment at Emory University Hospital, where he will likely remain for the next several days, said city spokeswoman Linda Harris.

“He is having some slight problems with his vision, but the overall prognosis is good,” said Harris, who along with other city officials visited the commissioner Tuesday afternoon.

Cards can be sent care of Boykin to Decatur City Hall, 509 N. McDonough St.

Boykin served on the city’s planning commission and zoning board of appeals before being elected as city commissioner in 2001. His current term expires in 2009.

All my best to Commissioner Boykin and his family. Here’s hoping for a full and speedy recovery!

Decatur Attracting More Republicans?

Spurred by comments in a previous post noting the McCain/Palin signs in Decatur yards, Atlanta Public Affairs provides us with a trend of the percentage of voters that cast their ballots for Democrats during the last three election cycles.

Is gentrification slowly turning Decatur red?  Click here to find out.

Meet the Parent Leadership Teams

Decatur edTV continues to do the in-depth reporting we’ve come to expect, with a series of video interviews with the newly-elected members of the Parent Leadership Teams across the city’s schools.

First up: David Hughes – DHS Senior Parent and Lawyer