2 Year-Old Hit By Cab in Oakhurst

Intersection of Spring and Fayetteville
Intersection of Spring and Fayetteville

Scott points out this CBS46 story that reports a three two year-old was hit by a taxi at the intersection of Spring Street and Fayetteville Road in Oakhurst today. The blurb states that the child was “hurt”, but there is no word yet on his/her condition.

UPDATE: 11alive reports the child was 2 years-old, not 3, and that injuries were “non-life threatening”. Also the article states the accident happened around 12:30p.

Let’s hope that they are OK. Please write in if you have details.

Stay Tuned…

UPDATE II:  The two year-old boy, Antonio Jackson Jr., will reportedly make a full recovery.  Picture and video can be found at CBS46. h/t: InDecatur