Twist & Scoot Press Release Announces Late August Open

Linda Harris was good enough to send along this press release she recently received from the good folks at Twist & Scoot, who are opening their second Atlanta location next between Whit’s End and Dancing Goats on West Ponce….

ATLANTA, Georgia – August 13, 2008 – Who knew going green could be so much fun? Twist ‘n’ Scoot Motorscoot- ers in Atlanta announces their second scooter store will open in late August, 2008 at 431 W. Ponce de Leon Ave. in downtown Decatur.

Twist ‘n’ Scoot is the Atlanta-area dealer for the major brands, Genuine Scooter Company and SYM , including the Genuine “Buddy”, a retro-styled scooter considered one of the most popular scooters in the U.S. today. Both brands come with manufacturer’s warranties for two years, parts and labor. Twist ‘n’ Scoot offers a complete service department, as well as helmets, clothing and accessories.

One of the fastest growing transportation alternatives, motorscooters are popping up everywhere. Progressive neighborhood shopping destinations like Decatur and Virginia Highland are re-assigning automobile parking spaces to scooter parking. They’re trendy, economical and convenient. Business professionals and students are commuting on scooters to work and school because of their fuel-efficiency. Young adults enjoy the sportiness and personal style statement. City residents find them quick and convenient for errands and grocery shopping because parking is so easy.

Scooters are also in high-demand because modern scooters are fully automatic-just twist the handlebar throttle and go. 49cc scooters do not require a motorcycle license, registration, or license tag.

Twist ‘n’ Scoot was founded in 2003 by Bill Gornto. It is currently located at 1835 Piedmont Ave., Atlanta. Hours: Mon-Fri 11:00am-6:00pm, Sat. 10:00am-5:00pm, Sun. closed. Phone 404.817.8181