315 W. Ponce (aka Decatur Court) Plans and Studies Now Online

Lain points out that the city has just posted a ton of documentation on the 315 W. Ponce development on its website. We’re talking application letters, site plans, design studies, traffic studies, parking studies and working group minutes [all pdfs] It’s like Christmas in July!

For those who haven’t seen these before (like myself), its going to take some time to go through it all. I took a cursory glance at everything and the traffic study especially is quite detailed and therefore very long (38 pages).

I don’t have many observations thus far, except that the buildings look like they will have a nice upscale appearance if the design plans are any indication (Mongomery/W.Ponce) and the site does look kind of cramped. But I guess that can’t be helped with a 10 story pre-existing office tower. Also, from first glance, I’d almost say that Fairview residents might endure greater adverse effect than those on Montgomery that we’re always discussing. A 3-story brownstone across the street seems like a much nicer alternative than a (5 story?) parking deck behind the backyard. But that’s always the hazard of buying next to C-2, I guess.

Lain also reports that at the DDA meeting this morning “the board passed a resolution to approve the project and noted their desire for a parking and traffic contingency plan (in case the shared parking doesn’t work out), research on performance bonds, and approval of the building materials and landscaping designs.” So Scott, at a minimum you were on the same track as the DDA with the parking contingency idea, or perhaps they just flat out took your advice! Either way…great suggestion.

Alright everyone…take a look and lets hear some observations. I’ll certainly be chiming in once I finish the 38 page traffic study.