Atlanta Police Collide With Critical Mass

A few more folks became familiar with Critical Mass last month after the AJC did a feature story on the monthly congregation of hundreds of cyclists that clog Atlanta intersections to promote bike awareness. Well, apparently this level of publicity didn’t sit well with the APD, because after months of a peaceful coexistence between the police and bikers, this past Friday the cops descended upon the helmeted en masse. Tickets were handed out for those that ran stop signs and red lights.

Shelbinator has the first hand account which includes a video with lots of flashing lights…

Not surprisingly, this monthly event is somewhat controversial, even within the biking community.

Even though those that participate in CM argue that it has nothing to do with showing how cyclists will willingly break traffic laws, many of those opposed see it that way. However, for anyone that’s ever had a car push you into a ditch, you begin to understand the concept (and admittedly built up animosity) behind CM. You nearly break my arm, I break a traffic law once a month to remind you that I exist.

Just another nasty symptom of our car-based infrastructure that treats the bicyclist as an afterthought.

Thanks to David O. for the heads up!