When Publix Just Ain't Enough

I love fueling Trader Joe’s rumors.  It’s kinda become an unofficial past-time of mine.

Keeping all of that in mind, here’s an email thread (after the jump) that was passed along to me by Stuart, which claims that Trader Joe’s is looking around Decatur for its next Atlanta opening and expresses Avondale residents’ desire to get a Trader Joe’s somewhere in the “Avondale Estates/Decatur” area.

The Avondale email proposes use of the current Salvation Army store on E. College (who’s lease is up next year) for the next Trader Joe’s site.

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that the area 1. hasn’t turned around enough and 2. is too close to the unknown-entity that is the unbuilt Publix store a few blocks down for Trader Joe’s to consider.  Just look at its other locations!

But regardless of the validity of these emails, its interesting to see so many residents in the area passionate for a Trader Joe’s.  Maybe at some point the great amount of interest by local residents will eventually win out over their continuing hesitancy.  In the meantime, I’ll just have to schedule afternoons off from work to get my Mandarin Chicken from the Midtown store.

The California based, upscale neighborhood grocery store, Trader Joe’s is considering the Decatur area for their next store. I think most people know about Trader Joe’s grocery stores, they are a small funky grocery store that can be between 8,000 and 15,000 square feet (the small Kroger in Decatur is about 18,000 square feet). They carry no national brands and kind of fill a unique niche. They are famous for their inexpensive Charles Shaw Wine also known as “Two Buck Chuck.” For more information go to “www.traderjoes.com”.

Current Atlanta Locations
Atlanta – Midtown
Norcross – The Forum
Sandy Springs
Atlanta – Buckhead – opening soon

Decatur – they are looking

Unfortunately (or fortunately) they have not yet found the right location.

I have spoken to Michael Plasters, one of the principals of M&P Shopping Centers, owners of the Twin Oaks Shopping Center about the possibility of Trader Joe’s being in the Salvation Army Space. The Salvation Army’s lease is up next year and they occupy 9,100 square feet with another approximately 1,200 vacant s.f. next door. The old Salvation Army Store was originally a “Big Apple” Grocery Store. M&P Shopping Centers is excited about looking at Trader Joe’s as a possible tenant. I have heard M&P Shopping Centers is considering upgrading Twin Oaks Shopping Center.

This where you can help! Trader Joe’s is very good about looking at feedback where customers would like to see their new stores built.

If you go to their website “www.traderjoes.com/location_requests_form.aspx” and fill out the brief form:

City – Avondale Estates/Decatur

State – Georgia

Additional Comments (you may copy the text below or write your own)

We would like to see a Trader Joe’s in the Avondale Estates/Decatur Georgia area which is a suburb of Atlanta. We understand that you are already looking at this area. The Avondale Estates City Commission, Avondale Downtown Development Authority and the Avondale Chamber Commerce would all enjoy an opportunity to work with you in finding a suitable location.