Relax Inn: A Pile of Rubble

Yes, I’m reviving this clever, old post title.

A couple of you may remember a few months back that I kinda jumped the gun about reporting on the collapse of the Relax Inn.  So, even after Next Stop…Decatur published visual proof of the rubble, I was not satisfied.  I wanted to see it for myself.   As I’m sure most folks have seen, they’ve been spraying a lot of water and slowly taking apart the building for the past few months (reminiscent of a building with asbestos insulation – this is only speculation), but had yet to take a bulldozer to any of the main buildings.

After hearing rumblings of its demise, my original plan had been to head over there yesterday and take a couple of pics of the demolition.  Unfortunately the nasty, chilly weather kept me away.

But I figure if the mayor is also started celebrating…a firsthand account is unnecessary and I should stop being so gun shy and write the post.

Peace out Relax Inn.  Though the mayor anticipates continued slow process of the new Trinity Triangle development, it sounds like most people would rather have a hole in the ground, then a standing reminder of your past transgressions.