Gado Gado Packs It In

I must admit that I’ve been anticipating this store closing for months.

Due to the fact that 1.  we live in Ponce Heights and 2. we have a dog that needs to be walked multiple times a day, we are very frequently passing by Gado Gado, which sits along the western edge of Ponce next to Whit’s End and Intaglia.  And honestly I can’t even tell you the last time I saw someone come in or out of that store.

All that said, I wasn’t all that surprised when I saw a “moving sale” sign in their window this unseasonably cold afternoon.  According to all-knowing window signs, the store is “consolidating” and moving everything over to their flagship Amsterdam Walk location.  But this hasn’t stopped them from putting things on sale, so if you’re a fan of their Indonesian style furnishings you can get 20%-50% off deals from now ’til April 13th.