Square Roots on the Square Closes

If you’ve been to the Brick Store lately you may have noticed that the little folk art shop next to Zocalo, Square Roots, has closed up shop.

Like many Decatur shops, this one sold an array of local art and antiques, but apparently not enough to survive.

The most recent comment (June ’07) on CitySearch about Square Roots portends its closing and asserts that new management hurt the business. See below…

“Wow, this store USED to be a gem! The new ownership has really caused a downswing in what used to be an adorable and eclectic store. Now, it is drab, with crabby employees and a dour, sour, and overwhelmed looking store owner to over see them all. Beyond the boring atmosphere ( no music and just plain uninviting!) the merchandise is nothing new. Some of the art is interesting, but certainly not worth what they’re asking for. It’s time for those roots to be pulled up and something new planted in it’s place! “

Honestly, I never ventured into this particular shop, so I rely on the opinions of others to hypothesize about its demise.