Venting About Candler at College

The top DeKalb vent on reads…

“Can we please get a left turn signal at Candler St. and College Ave. in Decatur? Ridiculous!”

Well, if this venter had flipped through the Community Transportation Plan, they would already know that the city has noted and addressed this issue on page 6.13.

It reads “Work with Agnus Scott to obtain permission to widen on the west side of South Candler Drive so that one additional northbound through lane can be created on approach and through the intersection. The second through lane would continue across the railroad tracks at the end of Church Street.”

While this blurb doesn’t mention a turn lane, the map below (on page 6.15) clearly shows one.


When will this be done? The Transportation Plan projects a timeframe of 2010-2015 for this particular intersection. See the time table for all the proposed transportation recommendations on page 11.13. And in case you’re interested, the whole College/S. Candler intersection project is estimated to cost $1.6 million.