Jim Baskett Reelected as Decatur Commish

With 8 of 9 precincts reporting, it looks like Jim Baskett has been reelected as Decatur’s Commissoner-at-large with 55% of the vote.   It was a surprisingly close race, considering that Alvin McNeely’s main argument for election was “I really, really want it!”.  Perhaps there were some unstated reasons why some would choose McNeely over Baskett, but I had a hard time picking up on them.

Across the rest of DeKalb the headline is “Tough night for Incumbents!” as several mayors got the ax.  This included Avondale Estates incumbent Jerry McCumber, who was ousted by challenger Ed Rieker.  Both candidates voiced support for the city’s redevelopment plan, but recent criticism against McCumber about secret meetings with the DOT and the developer may have led to his defeat.

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