Eating in Decatur

Perhaps part of the unspoken reason the city has put so much effort and attention into a Community Transportation Plan, which stresses walking and biking, is its need to counteract the expanding waistband of the city’s residents due to a gluttony of excellent local restaurants.

Make sure to head over to Decatur-DeKalb and check out a wonderfully informative posting on the history of some Decatur restaurants. Also there’s a call for others to post their 10+ year favorite Decatur eateries.

I believe the Brick Store just celebrated its 10th anniversary. It may be getting too popular for its own good, (I was once informed of a 2 hour and 45 minute wait on a Sat. night!) but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to resist stopping in for a pint and a basket of fingers and chips.

Also check out the AJC Dining Guide posting. Regardless of the lack of Decatur restaurants included, I’m sincerely impressed by The Chocolate Bar’s inclusion. That’s a huge accomplishment for a place that just opened 4 months ago! Congrats!