October Decatur Focus Online

You can now find October’s Focus on the city of Decatur website and presumably in mailboxes soon. If you can’t wait for the hard copy, click here to view the pdf.

Always thinking with my stomach here’s what I found most interesting…

Taqueria del Sol was rated one of the top 3 restaurants in the country by Bon Appetit magazine’s restaurant issue (page 6)

A new restaurant is going in at 254 West Ponce de Leon (the CVS plaza? nope! it’s actually where Viet Chateau used to be) called Cakes & Ales (also page 6). Co-owners Billy Allin and his wife Kristin are Decatur residents.

Non-food related: Electronics Recycling Day is Sat. Oct 27th from 9a-1p. It’s pretty cool that they’ve included Styrofoam on the list of recyclable items. I hate wasting blue garbage bags on the shipping material for large items.